Case Studies

where can i buy propecia in south africa Retailer - $100,000
A Hardware and Building Supplies retailer who has been operating for over 10 years with a monthly turnover of $100,000. The client needed to quickly finance stock purchases totaling $100,000. We provided a $100,000 loan to be repaid over 12 months. The client has the option of refinancing the loan at the halfway point if further stock purchases are required.

dapoxetine buy blog Engineering Firm buy priligy in the uk - $60,000
An Engineering Consultant in business for over 15 years needed a short term loan to fill the short-term gaps in business cash flows and to pay suppliers and staff. We provided a $60,000 loan to be repaid over 12 months. The client will have access to additional funds after 6 months of the loan if needed.

Notice to Complete $1,400,000
A clients was issued with a Notice to Complete on a property they purchased, however the incoming mortgagee couldn't settle in time. The client risked losing their deposit and associated DA costs (nearly $300,000). We helped the client to borrow the full $1.4 million via a first mortgage, meaning the client kept the property and saved their substantial deposit. Exit strategy was to refinance after settlement.

100% property finance $500,000
Another clients had been issued with a Notice to Complete on a property and needed 100% of the purchase price to settle within two days. We arranged the full $500,000 via a first mortgage on the property, plus a second mortgage position on two other properties owned by the client. Exit strategy was to sell one of the assets.

Tax Debts & Cash Flow $30,000
Client owns a bakery, has equity in his properties. Due to a number of expenses for the business, and some repairs needed on the investment property, he has accumulated a tax debt of $30k. He is unable to pay out his tax debt with his current cash flow. We got a letter from his accountant stating his income and was able to provide client with cashflow and pay out his tax debt.

Tax Debts & Defaults $321,000
Client has $86k of debts including a tax liability of $45k due to unpaid GST to consolidate. He also needed to refinance his existing mortgage of $235k to reduce his monthly commitment. He was having trouble obtaining finance due to several defaults against his name. By refinancing his existing mortgages it allowed him to pay ATO on time without going into a default with ATO.

Divorced with credit defaults $320,000
Client was divorced and took over all marital debts and accumulated some personal debts that he used to pay for the legal fees. Client was late on several repayments and have maximised a several credit card limits and needed to consolidate to his debts. We arranged a specialist product where there was no credit scoring and consolidated all debts (9 in this case).

Buying out restaurant partner $600,000
Restaurant business partners wanted to retire, client approached his bank manager and was declined of the loan. We recognised the business potential planned and secured funding for client to take over 100% of the restaurant business. As a result, client was able to expand his service offering to include accommodation.



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