Your Partner in Australia

With the regulations tightening, higher applications fees and harsher penalties, foreign investors needs to understand the risks of buying in Australia and follow the regulation guidelines appropriately to be successful.

Our Finance Engineers will assist you in the application process to ensure compliance and connect you with the relevant experts in the area to assess your strategy and source appropriate products for you.

Residential Property Investment

As of 1st December 2015, all residential property investment approvals are subject to an application fees outlined below:

  • AUD$5,000 for less than or equal to AUD$1,000,000
  • AUD$10,000 for great AUD$1,000,000
  • AUD$10,000 for each $AUD1,000,000 over $1,000,000

For example, for a property priced at AUD$600,000, an application fee of AUD$5,000 is payable; for a property priced at AUD$1,700,000, an application fee of AUD$10,000 is payable; for a property priced at AUD$3,500,000 an application fee of AUD$30,000 is payable.

Please refer to this calculator for application fee estimate.