Your Partner in Investing

Property investing is one of the most widely used methods for growth wealth and prosperity. Different to a home buyer, a sophisticated property investor is focused with the numbers and not the property itself. In fact, many property investors have not physically seen the properties that they own, but still enjoy the great returns from their portfolio.

Here at Finance Engineering Australia, we love and understand numbers and we know how to make every dollar count. Further more, we understand risk and we will work with you to identify your exposure and how to mitigate them effectively. With access to over 40 lenders and private equity partners, we can virtually fund any project of complexity and size.

Loan Structuring

Our Engineered Finance Solution could be the make and break of your investment deal and the difference between an average return and great return. We are focused on designing a structure that is most appropriate for your growth and aspiration.

Things to consider when structuring your investment portfolio loans:

  • 100% Offset Account
  • Fixed versus Variable Rates
  • Principal & Interest versus Interest Only
  • Capital Growth versus Cash Flow Generation
  • Negative Gearing versus Positive Gearing
  • Loan Flexibility and Portability
  • Cross Collateralisation
  • Equity Access

Property Investing Guide

There are many things to consider to build and manage an investment property portfolio and we have listed some things for you consider:

  • Go with the flow – property market moves in cycles, therefore it’s important for an investor to have strategies for different stages of the property cycle
  • Location, location, location – same rule applies here as buying your own home, close proximity to desired amenity is important
  • buy tadalafil with dapoxetine Cash flow is king – there are many hypes about negative gearing, however, truth is that paying tax is not a bad thing! It actually means that you’re making profit not loss.
  • Stay professional – find and engage a trustworthy and reliable property manager and let them do their job (not your job – your job is to look for the next opportunity)
  • Minimise capital outlay – locked up capital means lost opportunity, speak to our Finance Engineer to optimise your capital input with cash flow
  • Invest in people – it is important to understand this concept that the tenants are your investment and you need to ensure that you have good tenants and look after them well
  • Exit Strategy – many investors stop once they have purchased a property and rental income started rolling into their bank accounts. An exit strategy will not only help the investor to identify opportunities for taking profit but identify under-performing assets in their portfolio and take actions.

About Management Rights

Management Rights is becoming more and more popular nowadays amongst property investors. There are several lenders that services the Management Rights industry and more competitions are coming online, it’s becoming more difficult for investors to identify the best product for them.

Our Finance Engineers can provide you with guidance throughout the entire process with:

  • Identifying your borrowing capacity and suitable products
  • Recommending cost effective loan structuring and repayment plan
  • Review purchase price (see a simple guide on Management Right pricing)
  • Assist with valuations
  • Liaise and negotiate with lenders for competitive packaing
  • Introduction to a personal bank to look after your
  • Connecting you with professional experts in the industry